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* 2018 Fresh Pitch Gold Award

* 2018 新鮮提案真實影像大會 金獎及最佳人氣獎


Farewell My Boyhood

製作中/ 長片( > 65min) / 徐瑋超 / 中國 / HD

In Production / Feature Length (> 65 min) / XU Wei-Chao / China / HD

A coming-of-age story about three Uyghur boys. 

Three Uyghur children in a bilingual school in Xinjiang are contemplating giving up school, or their beloved soccer, for their respective reasons. One seel recognition by his peers through proving his skills in soccer; another calls himself a straight-A student, but is falling behind class due to his language level and is thus considering dropping out and return home to help with his parents’ lamb business. But he struggles to make that decision because of his love for soccer; the other is considering giving up soccer because his grandmother is against it. He is an orphan, and was raised by his grandfather, who passed when he was 12. He had since been living in pain, and struggles to find solace.

As their childhood is drawing to a close, the three of them in turn set off on their last soccer journey: to attend Soccer Challenge Cup for Uyghur Adolescent. They hail “Wurra! Wurra!” before each game. The phrase means marching forward in glory. In this last journey, their dreams are put to the test, and they in turn would be transformed.




Now:I'm so Sorry

長片( > 65min) / 趙亮 / 中國、法國/ HD
In Production / Feature Length( > 65 min ) / ZHAO Liang / China, France / HD

Anchored by a man whose quest humanizes global changes, this film traces the historical events and presents situation of nuclear disaster across human society.   Every nuclear site he revisits represents a specific temporality — Northeast Asia as a vaguely uncertain future; Fukushima, Japan, as the ongoing present; Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, as the concealed past; Chernobyl, Ukraine, as the forever alienated present and Onkalo, Finland, as the future of the future.  The film unfolds from one place to another, from the remote past to the near present towards the possible future.  The narrative created through deconstruction and reconstruction of historical incidents and presents provides a new way of reflecting on nuclear issues. Tracing this line of thoughts, a panorama of global apocalyptic landscapes after nuclear disaster as well as the daily lives of humans on these lands is brought to life.  Amongst ruins and human survival issues, the past and the future, daily life and the apocalypse, alienation and familiarity, reality and bizarreness, the film, visually futuristic yet close to cyberpunk science fiction, seeks to  create a human allegory in the present.


* 2019 17th Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum
* 2019 Sheffield Doc/Fest Meet Market

* 香港亞洲電影投資會入選計畫
* 2019 英國雪菲爾紀錄片影展 市場展

Password: zhaoliang2018


* Supported by Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program
* 2014 Docs Port Incheon Best Asian Pitch

* 日舞影展協會紀錄片項目
* 2014 仁川提案大會 最佳亞洲提案獎


My Dear Lines

已發行 / 短版30mins
製作中 /長片( > 65min) / 張楠 / 中國 / HD

In Production / Feature Length( > 65 min )  / ZHANG Nan / China / HD

My Dear Lines tells a story of a talented country girl ,Ms. Ji, also a migrate worker who works as a waitress in an art school’s dining hall, living with only USD 100 a month but never surrenders to fate and keeps her belief in art and future. The documentary My Dear Lines reflects how those migrant families survive under the background of globalization and modernization of China.
The struggle in mundane dilemma is a common theme of mankind since Greek
Tragedy times. My Dear Lines established intimate relationship with the main character, following closely with Ms. Ji’s daily life and inner feelings. The film’s style offered viewers the possibilities to enter her floating destiny. With the beautiful lines drawings she created, the inner emotion sequences were beautifully constructed with strong story arch and visualization.


善良而自矜的打工女孩紀鴻雁生長於中國南方一個偏遠山村,很早就輟學,十八歲時離家, 先後在福州、廣州、上海及北京等地打工。十年後紀喜歡上了畫畫,並發現自己擁有驚人的繪畫天賦。她能夠利用白紙 線深入到潛意識狀態之中作畫,並沉浸其中不能自拔。繪畫之於她並非生財工具,而是自我傾瀉、表達的唯一方法,在才華被發掘時,她也同時被迫面臨現實與理想的抉擇。


* 2015 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival Official Selection
* 2015 China Academy Awards of Documentary Film Best Editing Award

* 2015 廣州國際紀錄片節 正式競賽片
* 2015 中國紀錄片學院獎 最佳剪輯獎

The Rocking Sky

2015 / 98 min / 張釗維 / 台灣 / HD

2015 / 98 min / CHANG Chao-Wei / Taiwan / HD

In the early days of World War II, during which the Republic of China has suffered immeasurably at the hands of invading Japanese forces. At that time, R.O.C only had 300 combat capable aircrafts while Japanese Air Force had over 2,000. Essentially, “The Rocking Sky” depicts not only the R.O.C pilots' bravery and fate that have already faded away but also mourns for the romance that buried with the only thing worth fighting for at this darkest hour.



* 2016 IDFA Special Jury Award for First Appearance
* 2017 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection
2017 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Best Editing Award

* 2016 阿姆斯特丹國際紀錄片影展(IDFA)最佳新晉紀錄片
* 2017 日舞影展正式競賽片
* 2017 第54屆金馬獎 最佳剪輯獎


Plastic China

2016 / 82 min & 53 min / 王久良 / 中國 / HDV

2016 / 82 min & 53 min / WANG Jiu-Liang / China / HDV

Laughter of playing children echoes through the vast rolling hills of plastic waste. This recycling plant is home to Pen and his daughter Yi-jie, who is desperate for receiving proper education, and the factory owner, Kun, who is determined to improve his family’s lot. Over time, one man seems to edge closer to prosperity whilst the other stagnates in poverty. This poetic doc reveals the lives of those on the fringes of global capitalist reality, a far cry from the communist dream.



* 2007 CNEX Chinese Documentary Forum First Prize
* 2018 11th Chinese Documentary Festival Second Prize
* 2018 FIRST International Film Festival Official Selection

* 2007 CNEX 華人紀錄片提案大會首獎
* 2018 第十一屆華語紀錄片節 長片組亞軍
* 2018 第12屆西寧FIRST青年紀錄片影展



2017 / 85 min / 沈可尚 / 台灣/ HD

2017 / 85 min / SHEN Ko-Shang / Taiwan / HD

The film focuses on daily conversations between eight couples. In their trivial dialogues of love, husband and wife question each other on topics ranging from sex, parenting, housework division, problems with their mother-in-law, and even dullness of marital life. The conversations reflect the authenticity of characters’ conditions of living, exploring the depth of intimate relationship in marriage while at the same time shedding a dim light on the significance of happiness.




Stammering Ballad

2018 / 90 min / 張楠 / 中國 / HD

2018 / 90 min / ZHANG Nan / China / HD

A young Chinese folk singer leaves his hometown for the big city, only to find himself slowly returning to his roots. On this journey, his humour, anger and powerful folk songs all grow from the soil and dust of his deserted hometown.


* 2018 International Film Festival Rotterdam NETPAC Award nominee
* 2018 Golden Silk Road Media Honor Best Documentary Award
* 2018 21st Shanghai International Film Festival
* 2018 14th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival
* 2018 15th EBS International Documentary Festival
* 2018 LA Film Festival
* 2018 DC Chinese Film Festival
* 2018 Guangzhou International Documetary Festival Golden Kapok Award
* 2018 8th China Academy Awards of Documentary Film Best Documentary Award

* 2018 鹿特丹國際影展 亞洲電影促進聯盟奈派克獎提名
* 2018 絲綢之路國際電影節最佳紀錄片
* 2018 上海國際電影節
* 2018 韓國堤川國際音樂電影節
* 2018 韓國EBS國際紀錄片節
* 2018 洛杉磯亞太影展
* 2018 華盛頓華語電影節
* 2018 廣州國際紀錄片節金紅棉獎
* 2018 第八屆中國紀錄片學院獎 最佳紀錄片


* 2018 Hong Kong Film Festival
* 2017 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
* 2017 CNEX Chinese Documentary Doc Forum Tokyo Docs Prize

* 2018 香港國際電影節
* 2017 洛杉磯亞太影展
* 2017 CNEX華人紀錄片提案大會 東京提案會獎


China’s Forgotten Daughter

2018 / 70 min / 杜海、韓萌 / 中國 / HD

2018 / 70 min / Vincent DU, HAN Meng / China / HD

Cai Fengxia, who has been looking for her birth parents for 12 years, and is fortunate enough to track her parents down through an NGO that helps people trace their biological parents with DNA. However, the reunion brought Cai disappointment rather than joy, as what she found was not what she expected. On top of that, the cultural and language barrier also added to the divide.

How would her new family relationship evolve?



* 2013 CNEX Annual Theme Project
* 2013 CNEX Chinese Doc Forum  Best Pitch Prize
* Funded by NHK and Danmarks Radio
* IDFA Forum Selection

* 2013 CNEX年度主題徵案項目
* 2013 CNEX華人紀錄片提案大會 最佳提案獎
* NHK(日本廣播協會)以及DR(丹麥廣播公司)
* IDFA 阿姆斯特丹國際紀錄片提案大會 項目


My Home Was My Castle

2018 / 83 min / 建新 / 中國 / HD

2018 / 83 min / WU Jiangxin / China / HD

A quixotic figure's quest to guard people's rights as citizens in modern China.

In modern times, the law system is supposedly an instrument constructed to guard citizens' rights. However, the government and officials remain untouchable in the Chinese society. Lao-gao, a self-taught “law-ranger” never has much faith in the judicial system. After his home was forcefully demolished, he pressed charges against the authority, but it was a lost cause. Since then, he travelled around the country, attempting to help those who were faced with similar predicaments.  In 2011, his path crossed with the Hong Kong Street Community, and the members in turn became his loyal followers because of his quixotic character.

This is a story about their fight to guard their rights, and also the emergence of awareness of citizenship in Communist China.



* 2018 Taipei Golden Horse Awards nomination
* 2018 West Lake International Documentary Festival
* 2017 IDFA: International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam

* 2018 金馬獎最佳紀錄片入圍
* 2018 西湖國際紀錄片大會
* 2017 阿姆斯特丹國際紀錄片影展


24th Street

2017 / 88 min / 潘志琪 / 中國 / HD

2017 / 88 min / PAN Zhi-Qi / China / HD

Thirty years ago, Su left home with his girlfriend Qin, and had been working on various part-time works in the city. In 2010, they moved to Hangzhou ans set up a ramshacle reastaurant next to a construction site on the 24th Street. They didn't know to acquire a permit, and eventually are faced with forced eviction.

As the dwelling for the past thirty years of their lives was demolished, they decided to return to their home where their family still live. How would they face a hometown where everything has changed?

30多年前,老蘇帶著女友琴離開故鄉,來城市打工。 2010年他們來到杭州正在建設的二十四號大街旁,在一條搭建的棚戶區開了一家簡陋的餐館,因為沒有合法經營許可證,所佔地塊又面臨開工,老蘇和其他非法住戶不斷受到政府的驅趕。蘇決定回到故鄉,那裡有著他曾經的家庭和兒女,同時也有著琴的家人。但是已經在外闖蕩了30多年的老蘇,又將如何面對自己的家庭和已經物是人非的故土。


* 2019 Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival
* 2018 Göteborg Film Festival
* 2018 FIRST International Film Festival
* 2018 DC Chinese Film Festival

* 2019 洛杉磯華語電影節
* 2018 瑞典哥特堡國際影展
* 2018 西寧FIRST青年影展
* 2018 華盛頓華語電影節


In Character

2018 / 74 min / 董雪瑩 / 中國 / HD

2018 / 74 min / Tracy DONG / China / HD

To bring their characters to life, 13 actors agreed to partake in an event no different from a social experiment; they voluntarily go to live in an isolated arsenal in Sichuan, relinquishing any contact from the outside world of their own accord to experience the way of life during Cultural Revolution; they wear costume of the period and listen to music of that time. As one of the actor requests a leave of absence, surprising, or rather, frightening changes come over the other actors, and an unexpected struggle session ensues.

有著文革情節的導演葉京為了讓13名年輕演員回到文革,他把演員們封閉在四川小鎮的一個兵工廠,隔絕了於外界的任何聯繫, 這無異於一場社會實驗。這13名演員每天穿著文革時期的服裝,聽著文革時期的歌曲…一個演員請假事件掀起了一場殘酷的批鬥會,接露出訓練營對於演員心智的驚人影響…

WeChat 圖片_20190606161904.jpg

* 2017 7th Chinese Academy Awards of Documentary Film nomination
* 2016 Home.Spring and Autumn Best Pitch
* 2015 6th CNEX Chinese Doc Forum selection

* 2017 第七屆中國紀錄片學院獎 入圍
* 2016 「家·春秋」口述歷史影像記錄計劃 最佳提案獎
* 2015 第六屆CNEX華人紀錄片提案大會 入選提案


Dance on the square

2017 / 90 min / 康世偉 / 中國 / HD

2017 / 90 min / KANG Shiwei / China / HD

The documentary tells the story of the 3 protagonists who have been dancing on the square to show their loyalty to Chairman Mao since the period Cultural Revolution. Half a century has passed, and they are now in their old age.  They were all active participants during the revolution, and now in modern times, they are working toward their dreams. The dance is the medium that links them together, and the epitome of the past 50 years of the evolution in Chinese political climate.




From Ink to Apparel

EP4:製作中 / 短片( <40 min) / 台灣 / HD
EP3:2018 / 12 min / 萬蓓琪 / 台灣 / HD
EP2:2017 / 11 min / 萬蓓琪 / 台灣 / HD
EP1:2016 / 11 min / 黃靖閔 / 台灣 / HD

EP4:In Production / short film ( <40 min) / Taiwan / HD
EP3:2018 / 12 min / WAN Pai-Chyi / Taiwan / HD
EP2:2017 / 11 min / WAN Pai-Chyi / Taiwan / HD
EP1:2016 / 11 min / Kassey C.M. HUANG / Taiwan / HD

In 2016, From Ink to Apparel-A Crossover between Calligraphy Art, Interior Design and Fashion was rocking the art scene in Taipei. From Ink to Apparel was constructed by the most celebrated calligraphy artist TONG Yang-Tze and is planned to run five calligraphy exhibitions that challenged existing boundary of fashion design in consecutive five years. Setting off from Taiwan, TONG Yang-Tze joined with Chinese fashion designers to demonstrate to the world the amazing possibilities and heritage inherent in calligraphy, the most ancient of Chinese art forms. The series is the documentary behind the scene of the exhibitions.


WeChat 圖片_20190606161919.jpg



2018 / 9 x 30 min 系列 / 江松長、王淼、 馮都、張楠 / 香港、英國 / HD

2018 / 9 x 30 min SERIES / Leo Chiang, Miao Wang, Violet Du Feng, Zhang Nan / China, UK / HD

Delve into the lives and inspirations of modern China in this nine-part documentary series. In each episode we engage with a different millennial entrepreneur as they discuss their ventures – from gourmet cuisine to contemporary art, computer animation to online gaming. Capitalizing on a wealth of opportunity that their parents’ generation never had, these creatives give us a fresh perspective on contemporary China.

「China Next」系列集結了9部各30分鐘的紀錄短片,引領大家深入探索現代中國的生命力及創造力。每集各邀請一位千禧年代創業家進行交流,詳述他們的冒險和事業 ─ 從美食創作到當代藝術,從電腦動畫到線上遊戲。這一代的中國年輕人享有其父母未曾擁有的豐沛資源與機會,得以將他們具有創意性的嶄新觀點注入在當代中國社會和文化中。



Bank in School

2019 Q3 / 電視長度(51 - 65min)、長片( > 65min) / 陳志漢 / 台灣/ HD

2019 Q3 / Feature Length( > 65 min ) / Maso CHEN / Taiwan / HD

An experimental approach to financial education. What change would be brought upon children who are yet to be exposed to the utilitarian way of thinking in real world when they're put under a reward system modeled after a real world system?

* 2017 CNEX Chinese Doc Forum Best Pitch Prize
* 2016 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival Best Pitch
* 2016 Sheffield Doc/Fest Official Selection

* 2017 CNEX華人紀錄片提案大會 最佳提案獎
* 2016 廣州國際紀錄片節 最佳提案獎
* 2016 英國雪菲爾紀錄片影展 正式競賽片




* 2016 Crossing Borders
* 2017 Sheffield Doc/Fest Meet Market
* 2018 Whicker's World Film and TV Funding Award

* 2016 Crossing Borders 國際紀錄片製作人才培訓工作坊
* 2017 英國雪菲爾紀錄片影展 市場展
* 2018 Whicker's 世界電影和電視獎


Mirror Mirror On The Wall

製作中 / 電視長度(51 - 65min)、長片( > 65min) / Sascha Schoebert /中國、德國 / HD

In Production / Feature Length( > 65 min )  / Sascha Schoebert / China & Germany / HD

A plastic surgeon and self-proclaimed artist seizes the spotlight for daring plastic-surgery performances. “Mirror, Mirror” is a tale about vanity and loneliness; an investigation into our beauty-obsessed world, putting selfie culture on the operating table and calling into question the impact this is having on us all – both as individuals and society.



* 2017 CNEX Chinese Doc Forum Tencent GUYU The Most International Potential Award
* 2017 FIRST Film Festival Shanxia Documentary Lab
* 2017 Docs Port Incheon Docedgekolkata Award

* 2017 CNEX華人紀錄片提案大會 騰訊谷雨國際最具潛力獎
* 2017 西寧FIRST青年影展 紀錄片實驗室 入選項目
* 2017 仁川紀錄片節 Docedgekolkata 獎


Where The Peach Is In Bloom

製作中  / 長片( > 65min) / 蔣春華 / 中國 / HD

2019 Q4 / 90 min / JIANG Chun-Hua / China / HD

Where the Peach is in Bloom documents the lives of the children sent to a juvenile reform school. The pupils are suject to strict rules and punishment system and are encouraged to snitch.

11-year-old Wenjun is the youngest in the school. He craves power because he fears to be bullied. Leigong, head of students, has a crush on Chanjuan, when love affairs are strictly forbidden. Instructor Zhou falls in love with a girl while investigating students’ love affairs.

In a place where snitching is encouraged, how could love and friendship survive and thrive?






Paradise Garden

製作中  / 長片( > 65min) / JIANG Chun-Hua / China / HD

In Production / 90 min / Pan zhiqi / China / HD

This is a story about love and redemption. Ms. Hu, who lives in Shi Ba Ti, built a flowery garden with a pile of garbage. She hopes to redeem herself and her son suffered from depression in this way.




A Lama & A Merchant

製作中 / 長片( > 65min) / 康世偉 / 中國 / HD

In Production / 90 min / KANG Shi Wei / China / HD

Sonam entered Serther Buddhist Academy at the age of six, and took his vow to be a monk then and there. In the Academy, sheltered from all earthly things, he wrote many poems on life and death, on spirituality, and on the freedom he felt.

When he reaches the age of 20, curiosity propelled him to set foot into the secular world. His encounters in the profit-driven mainstream society had also taken away the tranquility of his mind - from unfriendly taxi driver, publishers incapable of appreciating the ideas in his poems, to the passing of his brother and sister, to which neither science nor religion could offer him an explanation. All these experiences led him to a complete different turn - at the age of 33, he decided to be re-intergrated into the society, became a merchant, and yielded to the temptation of love, and got together with his childhood sweetheart.


Password: 7wjg



HaoteHaote · Youth

製作中 / 長片( > 65min) / 顧桃 / 中國 / HD

In Production / 90 min / GU Tao / China / HD

Filmed in Hohhot, the largest city in Inner Mongolia, the film documents the modernity of ethnic identity and conflict vividly embodied in the lives and struggle of three youngsters.

本片是一部民族題材的紀錄片,拍攝於內蒙古最大的城市 - 呼和浩特拍攝。隨著中國的快速發展,更多的蒙古族年青人開始在城市生活。 本片記錄了在民族文化與現代文化交融的時代下,城市中的第三代蒙古族人的成長、交融和掙扎。



製作中 / 長片( > 65min) / 趙亮 / 中國 / HD

In Production / 90 min / ZHAO Liang / China / HD

This documentary illustrates the spectacles of production of food in China, the mega scale of animal farms, as well as high-tech utilities.



* 2018 Golden Harvest Awards Best Documentary
* 2018 Taiwan International Queer Film Festival

* 2018 金穗獎最佳紀錄片
* 2018 台灣酷兒影展


The Shepherds

2017 / 70 min / 盧盈良 / 台灣 / HD

2017 / 70 min / Elvis Lu / Taiwan / HD

Defiant and with the belief that faith should be encompassing, a heterosexual female pastor founded Taiwan’s first LGBT church in 1996. The homosexual community of Christians long rejected by the society was finally provided a place of understanding, even though it remains rejected by the society. The founder, unable to come to terms with the hostility and rejection from the conventional-thinking public and fellow clergy, eventually took her own life as her final act of rebellion. Its congregation, however, continues to fight to make their voice heard, and seek to make a change with their own life stories, hoping that one day love can eventually eliminate the unnecessary hostility and misunderstanding.



* 2015 Taipei Film Festival Best Documentary nominee
* 2016 Golden Harvest Awards Best Documentary

* 2015 台北電影節 最佳紀錄片入圍
* 2016 金穗獎最佳紀錄片獎

The Wall

2015/ 59min / 韓忠翰、伍心瑜、王振宇、許婉鈴 / 台灣 / HD

2015/ 59min /HAN Zhong-han, WU Xin-yu, WANG Zhen-yu, XU Wan-ling / Taiwan / HD

Chi and Kai are two teenagers who spent their youth in incarceration. After their release, what would their lives be like? Several obstacles lie ahead of them – how do they rehabilitate themselves to their new lives, rebuild the relationships with their family and reintegrate into the society. It’s easy to break down a tangible wall, but can they break one that is invisible?

小紀和小凱,兩個在獄中度過青春年華的少年,走出禁錮的牢籠後,他們的人生會是哪般光景?他們比同齡的年輕人還要成熟世故,也背負了更大的壓力,除了適應 新生活,重建與家人的關係,經濟壓力也隨之而來。面對社會、家人和同儕的牽絆拉扯,有形的牆可以使力衝破,但無形的牆是否真能煙消雲散?

何以為家 劇照3.png



2018/ 31min / 李剛齡 / 台灣 / HD

2018/ 31min / LEE Kang-Ling / Taiwan / HD

In 1949, after WWII, a group of people followed Chiang Kai-shek to Taiwan due to the civil war. They lived together in a place called “Single Veteran Dormitory”. They believed that they would return soon, but they remained till today. Their thoughts still linger across the strait – wondering whether their parents or spouses are still in life. As cross-strait visits were finally open, some had found solace, yet some ended in tears.
Following a veteran returning home carrying the an urn of ash, the film tells not only the stories of the ones forced to migrate, but also the sadness under the grand narrative of an era.




Migration Revelation

2016/ 78min / 林煥文 / 台灣 / HD

2016/ 78min / LIN Huan-wen / Taiwan / HD

Taichung Jianguo Market opened in 1972. Many owners have been operating there for half a century. To make way for the expansion of Taichung's train station, the shops have to move to the new Jianguo Market. Aside from feeling a sense of loss, they also have to face the issue of reallocation and smaller shop space.

* 2017 Chinese Documentary Festival

* 2017 華語紀錄片節


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